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Sandora LLC (Ukrainian: Сандора) is a Ukrainian juice company based in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Founded in 1995, the company currently holds a 47 percent share of the Ukrainian juice market. In September 2007, American-based PepsiCo, Inc. purchased 80 percent ownership of Sandora's company holdings. In November 2007, PepsiAmericas, Inc. and PepsiCo, Inc. jointly acquired the remaining 20% of Sandora.

Many controversies as the following one on surround PepsiCo, the owner of Sandora, and makes us wonder what will happen to this brand, "An ethical controversy surrounding PepsiCo is their use of a chemical called BVO (brominated vegetable oil) in their soft drinks, which is the same chemical commonly used as a flame retardant. The reason BVO would be used in a soft drink is to help prolong the shelf life of the product by preventing the colors and flavors added to soft drinks from breaking down while the product is still on the shelf."


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Buyer Beware says

"Buyer Beware! Do not enter the rabbit hole, the $49.95 automatic withdrawal VIP Membership is not worth the trouble. DO NOT CANCEL ONLINE, YOU MUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND CANCEL. Ask for a confirming email of cancellation. I cancelled in May 2020 and was charged in September 2020. Something is certainly wrong. Had to take extra measures to file a claim with my credit card. The quality of clothing is poor. Each piece of clothing ordered did not fit to the same size ordered. You don't need anything Kate Hudson has to offer. Pay the extra money for best and/or better quality clothing at a place like Athletica. Certainly the GAP and Old Navy have better quality products to offer."

Marisa A says

"Fabletics has charged my account three times after I elected to skip my month. It is impossible to reach anyone on their support line and you can wait for 30+ minutes to end up having to hang up. For a long time, your only option to cancel was only over the phone. I just bought my last purchase because my time is worth more than sitting on the phone trying to get my money back. 0/10 recommend."

Tami Gaines says

"You see this wonderful affordable offer, decide to check it out, see items you like. Now you are ready to purchase, to find out, you are required to join a membership. Your total is $60, decline the membership it skyrockets to $200. Next punch in the gut, they bill you $50 a month. Transparency out the window."

Mary G says

"I have only been a VIP member for 4 days and it has been pretty much a nightmare. Day 1, the website continually dropped items from my cart each time I added them; I even triied using 3 different devices. Day 2 I was able to add items to the cart without them being dropped and was so excited for their 2 for $24 special. I stocked my cart.... nearly $500 worth!! (I never spend that much... it was a big splurge for me but I needed a bunch of new pieces since my sizing recently changed post-pregnancy). I placed the order and could hardly wait for the pieces to arrive. On Day 4 I was so anxious to see if they had shipped yet that I went onto my email to see if I had any updates or possibly tracking information on the order. Unfortunately, I found one email from “shoedazzle” saying that my Fabletics order was cancelled because the items were “out of stock.” All $500 worth!?!? really!? I couldn’t believe it! So I immediate tried emailing back to inquire if this was true for all of the items and how I could replace the order if this was some sort of error. They emailed me back saying that in order to provide quality service, they no longer had an email address for customer service. So I tried their Facebook chat instead. I waited neary two days and did not receive a response. During that time, I tried to call their customer service phone number instead. After being disconnected while on “hold” waiting for a representative, I finally was transferred properly by the automated system. The representative told me that my order had been cancelled because my ship to name and my bill to name were different. I tried to explain to her that I was recently married and my credit card was still under my maiden name. She said she would send my verbal verification of my name differences to a different office and that I would have to call back after 24 hours to see if the varification was processed and to replace my order. I asked if she could just automatically replace the order after the 48 hour period and official verification, and she said no. I had to call back to see if it had been approved. Really!?!? It took me several days to get ahold of representative once!? now she wanted me to do it again? I am a small retail business owner and I put a ton of time and energy into my customer service. I am grateful when others do the same, but this was not the case here. Unless I am otherwise convinced, I will probably not be replacing the order... which is really sad, because I really was so excited about the pieces." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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